Well, hello our dear followers! I've been really busy lately! But I am back yet again, with the best update ever! Yesterday I had hit 55 more days until I hit my one year mark without cutting. It is true that healing does come with patience, endurance, and time. And though this is the truth, It still isn't an easy path.


The only things that keep me from cutting these days is thought that I will not be able to donate blood to the Blood Connection and the fact that things have healed over a bit. But, often I feel like the need to  cut is the only way to pierce through my numbness... Mind you this isn't to be a damper on the good news, there is a meaning for telling you all this. I cannot stress enough that when you are letting go of any addiction, (in my case it is cutting) Always replace with healthy coping skills. Your addiction doesn't ever just disappear. You got to work through these things daily. You will always have a part clinging to it and it can be difficult to it.



But there is always hope... God can be found. Hobbies, passions and reasons to quit can be found. I encourage you all to never give up hope. I know it might sound easy for me... Since I have gone this long... But, I assure you that nothing has changed with the pain and urged I got, except that I cling tight to a hope and a reason to not do it... I want to donate blood, especially after all the news has shown with the shootings, but in order to do that, I've got to go at least an entire year without cutting. Find your hope in Christ and find a reason to stop and to continue to stop. It's often a daily decision for me, so don't be surprised when the urge comes crashing into your mind everyday, it's normal.

Luceo Non Uro,

Arianna Joy Schaffer

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