It's that time of year. People all over FB have been posting what they are thankful for. Some are the normal things like family, children, jobs, etc. We are supposed to be thankful these things. Me? Well, I'm thankful for my husband, for my children, for the opportunities I've been afforded in my life, my church, my job, and for my Christ. These are things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for the autumn wind, and the colors of the leaves on the trees, and a place to live, and food to eat, and friends

I also have some pretty abnormal things to be thankful for, and if you don't have to be thankful for these things, that's so wonderful, and I'm thankful for that as well.

I'm thankful that my daughter hasn't gotten involved in drugs, or sex, or illegal activities, because so many children with mental illness get involved in these things. Thank you, Lord, and help me be more thankful for these gems.

I am thankful that my mentally ill daughter has not committed suicide, even though the thought hasn't been absent from her mind. Thank you, Lord, and help me to not take that for granted!

I'm so thankful for stability, even though it is elusive and never stays long. The fact that it is ever here is a sign of progress. Thank you, Lord, and let it happen again and again.

I'm thankful for medication because even though there are side-effects, they work, even if they don't always continue to do so. Thank you, Lord, because one hundred years ago the mentally ill were cast into terrible places where they had no existence. Because of this, I get to have my daughter with me, improving slowly but steadily.

I'm thankful that today there is less stigma concerning mental illness, even though it's not where it needs to be. Thank you, Lord, and I pray for more and more progress!

Last, but definitely not last, I'm so thankful for the hope of Christ that gives me and my daughter a future, and a glimpse of heaven beyond where there is no illness. Help me to always be thankful for the hope of Christ, and for all the blessing I have, regardless of the difficulties presented.

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