I am below looking at myself on the top
And I'm above looking down for your help
I never knew it would come to this threatening drop
But I am on the edge ready to jump to the end of me
I'm out of my body tearfully begging for me to think
To use the reasoning and wisdom to turn away
And to pull away from the deathly brink
Of shadows' ownership of my soul's desires
Standing on the skyscraper of my disease
I feel that all hope had been stolen away
My pain and fear makes the enemy pleased
So that is my push to stand up again
If only I took a step back and beheld the view
Of the sun breaking through the morning mist
I would realize that God is here and true
But would I dare to look up and see the beauty? Or would I just jump off the edge?
A revolution of light could break right through
If I boldly said enough is enough! I could stand up right beside you
And I'd be filled and fear nothing in life or death
The skyscraper is a turning point in all lives
Dare to die or dare to live, the choice is up to you
Life is compiled of baby steps and long strides
And yes, even falls... But remember that we can overcome!

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