Love that Inspires Growth and Hope through Trials

Love that Inspires Growth and Hope through Trials

Mental Illness and Our Take on It

Our Struggles, Our Testimonies, Our Hopes, Our Dreams

God's timing is perfect. Sometimes it may seem like it isn't, but He is always on time, and I don't know why it amazes me.

Yesterday, I came across a twitter post from one of the people I follow on my @LIGHTforMI twitter account.

Mindfulness is Amazing

I questioned him about how he accomplished that, and he gave me a link about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a very simple concept. Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. This increases awareness, clarity and acceptance of our present-moment reality.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Self-Help Resources

I actually had heard about this before when reading up on DBT Therapy before I got Arianna involved with a counselor who uses that in her therapy sessions. However, I had forgotten about it until I read about it again.

Fast forward to today. There I was at church today, minding my own business (or perhaps God's business), and the worship team starts playing a song with a video of being underwater with the sun shining through. The song is Ocean by Hillsong United. For the first few seconds I thought, "How pretty." However, I was suddenly back in Kentucky in a swimming pool being held underwater while trying to save my 17 year old son from drowning. I've had flashbacks before of rather unwelcome occurences, but never so vivid and panic-inducing. I had an overwhelming urge to run out of the room while gulping up air. However, I suddenly remembered reading about mindfullness yesterday. While my brain was telling me that I was drowning and suffocating, I closed my eyes and started to purposely think about where I was, and what was happening. Mind you, I had to really concentrate on the words of the song, and notice myself sitting in the chair and tell myself there was no water, and I could breathe.

After the service, I realized what a blessing that was. I didn't realize that I would need to be mindful today, but God did. and that is all that matters.

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Arianna is a proud authoress, artist, and musician, but the most important thing about her is; she seeks the hidden face of God with a passion. A lover of culture, art, music, and all things geeky and Celtic, her writings are often greatly impacted by these things.


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Valerie is the wife of a remarkable man, and the mother of three children, with two of whom having various degrees of mental illness. Valerie is no stranger to mental illness herself as a sufferer of depression on and off for years.